Account Types

Broker-Assisted Account

Individual brokers can act as a second set of eyes for you, relieving the need to constantly monitor the market. When desired, your broker can also assist you in fine tuning your trading strategies.

An AFS Full-Service account includes the following: 

  • Efficient Order Execution and Timely Fill Reporting
  • Contingency Order Placement
  • Individual Broker Support
  • Both Fundamental and Technical Market Analysis
  • Electronic Transmission of Daily and Monthly Statements
  • Risk Management Consulting

Commission rates, for full service accounts, are negotiated directly with your broker. If you do not have a broker, visit the “Broker Profiles” section of our website to review our brokers or contact us for a recommendation based on your trading interests!

Discount Account

This account plan is for customers who make their own trading decisions and understand the process of placing their own trades either by telephone or via electronic platform. Discount customers monitor their own accounts and should have a clear understanding of risk and margin requirements. Our highly experienced, professional order desk staff can help call-in customers place orders. Fills are called back as soon as they are received.

An AFS Discount account includes the following: 
  • Contingency Order Placement (most discount services do not accept this)
  • Price alerts
  • Electronic Transmission of Daily and Monthly Statements

Commission rates, for discount accounts, are negotiated directly with your broker or AFS management and based on level of service, volume and more. Contact us for a quote for your trading account.

E-Trading Account

An E-Trading Account will provide up-to-the-minute accounting of your positions and balance of your account. Fills to electronic exchanges such as Globex are received in seconds! E-Trading accounts are not restricted to trading online; the AFS order desk is also available when you are away from your computer…Active traders love this!

An AFS E-Trading Account includes the following: 
  • Parking Orders for placement at a later time
  • State-of-the-art trading platforms
  • Automatic offsetting of position(s) just a click away
  • Real time quotes

AFS E-Trading accounts qualify for discounted rates for high volume traders! If you would prefer to speak with an AFS representative in regards to your rate, please contact us.