Kurt Johnson - President


Kurt Johnson is Vice President, Business Development for ADM Investor Services, and has also served as the President of its wholly owned subsidiary, Archer Financial Services, since it was founded in 2003.

Born and raised in Chicago, Kurt’s career in the futures industry began in 1986 as a broker with Delong International in California. In 1987 he became the voice of commodities for K-MNY radio in Los Angeles, an all-financial radio station which broadcasts throughout the West Coast. In 1989 he founded and became President of Sinclair Futures in Sacramento, California, and then merged that company into Chicago based O’Brien Investment Services in 1994. Kurt served as Managing Director of the merged companies until 2002 when he joined ADM Investor Services.

A graduate of Illinois State University, Kurt studied political science and economics and gained a minor degree in Russian studies which included language and a lengthy study program in the former Soviet Union.  He currently serves on the Introducing Broker Advisory Committee at the National Futures Association.  Kurt's writings on risk management and market analyses have been seen in many industry publications and he has spoken at several industry conference throughout the United States.

Kurt is married, has three children and currently resides in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

James Connelly - Vice President



Jim Connelly joined ADM Investor Services in 2011 as Vice President of its wholly owned subsidiary, Archer Financial Services.

From Chicago’s Southside, Jim began his career on the agricultural floor of the Chicago Board of Trade working for Merrill Lynch Futures. He then moved to the financial instruments markets at the CBOT, first with Heinold Commodities and then with First Chicago Futures, Inc. (FCFI). In his role as Managing Director of the CBOT staff at FCFI he was responsible for all aspects of the business and the development of corporate and institutional clients. FCFI later became a part of Bank One and then JPMorgan Futures. From 2004 with Mizuho Securities USA, Jim created and managed a cross-marketing initiative across a global network of Corporate Bank client relationships. He also led the marketing and electronic execution teams. He has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange.

A graduate of DePaul University, Jim has served as a member or chairman of many exchange and industry committees and is currently a member of the CME Group Business Conduct Committee.

Jim is married with three children and resides on the Southwest side of Chicago.