Stephen Platt

Market Focus: Energies, Electricity, Soft Commodities, Metals
Experience: 35 years
Phone: 312.242.7931 

Steve Platt has been involved in the commodity markets for over 30 years. Steve has an extensive background in commodity research, trading, administration, risk management and futures hedging. A primary commodity focus for Platt recently has been on the evolving markets for electrical power at the hub and nodal level and basis trading in Natural Gas markets. 

After graduating from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. with a BS in Business Administration and Economics, he joined an economic consulting firm focused on agricultural policy and research. In 1979, Steve relocated to Chicago, IL where he worked for two major brokerage houses as Senior Analyst and Research Director, servicing the needs of both institutional and retail clients. In 1998, Steve set up and was given operational control of a trading desk at Morgan Stanley, DW Inc. specializing in precious metals, foreign exchange, and futures. The desk also serviced specialized spec and hedge futures accounts trading in U.S. and international markets. Over the years, Steve has been quoted in major financial publications and seen on a variety of financial news programs discussing market fundamentals.