Laurie Calhoun

Laurie Calhoun began her career of over 30 years on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1982 while attending George Williams college studying economics and liberal arts. She was fascinated by the business of the futures markets at the CBOT and was soon promoted to the phones communicating with customers all over the world. Laurie gained extensive experience in working with commercial hedgers, end users and producers, exporters, and large fund managers in both futures and options to maximize risk management opportunities.
While at Goldenberg Hehmeyer she was responsible for the management of desk operations, market analysis and the development of an institutional client base. Laurie has recently joined AFS to continue her commitment to provide excellence to her customers.
She has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange and is registered with the National Futures Association.
Laurie and her husband have also owned a restaurant in Evanston for 35 years where they reside.