Dennis Smith

Phone: (312) 242-7905

Dennis Smith has been a full service commodity broker specializing in grain and livestock trading for over 25 years. Dennis has a wide range of customers many of whom are grain and livestock producers. Dennis and his partner, Patrick Garrity, develop and execute hedging and speculative trading strategies in their evening Daily Livestock Wire which is prepared each afternoon exclusively for their customers.

Dennis grew up in Central Illinois and earned a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois before launching his brokerage career.

Watch Dennis's weekly Two Minute Drill where he gives you a quick snapshot of a specific market in 2 minutes or less:

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  • Live cattle and lean hog futures
  • Hedging strategies including those using options, which are mapped out for live cattle, feeder cattle and lean hogs
  • A section on the grain market including key rules of thumb marketing advice for corn and soybeans
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