Chris Lehner

Phone:  913-787-6804

Chris Lehner is now entering his thirty-fourth year as a broker and consultant. He specializes in grains for the family farm, agri-businesses, feeders, processors and speculative traders.

Chris’ career started with an internship at a farmer owned cooperative during his senior year at Michigan State where the seeds of agricultural marketing were sown. Shortly before graduation in 1976, while visiting the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the hook was set and Chris had to become a broker.

His career began as a cash buyer and continued to progress. Chris became a licensed Series 3 broker, a branch manager, general manager and senior hedge analyst with renowned agri-businesses, brokerage and consulting firms. Today with Archer Financial Services (AFS), a subsidiary of ADM Investor Services, Chris is the AFS branch manager in Kansas City, Missouri using his extensive background and experiences for clients and a growing global readership. His analysis of grain markets on the Internet has unlocked the world for his business.   

Chris develops risk management strategies using futures, options and cash tools for the specific needs of each client. His outlook is based only on confirmed factual fundamentals tied to technical analysis.