2018 Commodity Chart Book: Mid-Year Edition

  • ​​Updated ​​​July 2018
  • 20 popular contracts listed
  • Includes charts, commentary and more
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The ​2018​ Hightower Commodity Trading Guide

  • 350 charts & graphs
  • All-time High/Low prices, S&D tables & more
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Will Tax Reform Delays Derail this Stock Index Futures Bull Market?

  • The current stock index futures bull market was born in 2009
  • Could this be derailed by current tax reform legislation?
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The Longest Stock Index Futures Bull Market in History?

  • ​​We are officially in the second longest bull market since World War II
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Authored by ADMIS’ own Alan Bush
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Stock Index Futures: Is the Bad News Now Again the Good News?

  • For now, it appears that weak economic data will delay a fed funds rate hike. What else does this mean for stock index futures?
  • Written by ADMIS’ own Alan Bush
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Locking in Low Grain Prices for the Commercial Processer with Futures

  • ​​How could weather, political and economic events affect grain prices?
  • Proprietary ADMIS research
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Gold is Now an Interest Bearing Asset

  • A major new fundamental for the gold market!
  • Includes charts, commentary and more
  • Proprietary ADMIS research
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ADMIS Infographics

  • Based on important economic figures and reports
  • 90 Day Trial

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Free 30 Day Futures Research Trial

  • Multiple futures markets covered
  • Includes market recaps, charts & more
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FREE 4 Technical Indicators Guide

  • Double & Triple Bottoms In-Depth
  • False Breakouts, Island Reversal & More
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FREE Futures & Options Self Study Guide

  • 76 page e-Book perfect for new traders
  • Includes self-study ​quizzes and more
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Free Managed Futures Guide

  • Proprietary research from ADMIS
  • Includes bonus guide from CME Group
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A Trader's Guide to Futures

  • Perfect intro for branching out into futures trading
  • Test your knowledge with the Futures Quiz

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Managing Ag Price Risk

  • Manage market risk with Ag Futures & Options
  • Focuses on short futures edge and long put option edge

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