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Are Corn Prices Beginning to Boil?  Nov 6
by Chris Lehner - There is fuel that can and will be added to heat corn prices up, sooner or later.

Think Outside The Bin  Nov 10
by Tim Smith - The most straightforward re-ownership strategy is to simply sell cash grain and simultaneously buy futures.


Daily Technical Trading Cards   Apr 18
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - Check out today’s support and resistance, moving averages and other pertinent numbers for the energies complexes featuring crude oil, natural gas and heating oil.

Energies Brief ​   Apr 17
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -​  The petroleum complex found support late yesterday and throughout the overnight session following a surprising drop in crude oil stocks indicated in the API report.

Weekly Department of Energy Report    Apr 17

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - This weekly Department of Energy brief features Crude Oil, Heating Oil and Gasoline tables on stocks, imports, demands and much more.

Weekly Natural Gas Report  ​    Apr 18
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -  See what this week’s stats are for Natural Gas futures as reported by the Energy Information Agency.​ 

Is The Crude Collapse Over?  Nov 6
by Blake Robben - The world's most consumed commodity is down 18% in the last 23 trading days.


Morning Livestock Report    Apr16
by Dennis Smith - ​Fresh Pork Belly Market Beginning to Rip

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Daily Financials Forecast ​    Apr 18
by Alan Bush -​​ NASDAQ Futures Close to New Historical High
Hot Cocoa This Winter?
  Oct 3
by Blake Robben
- Cocoa prices continued its eight and a half month decline pressured by bearish news from both the supply and demand sides of the market.  


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