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Daily Technical Trading Cards   June 20
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - Check out today’s support and resistance, moving averages and other pertinent numbers for the energies complexes featuring crude oil, natural gas and heating oil.
Energies Brief  June 19

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -​ Price action was muted today as the entire commodity sector awaited the Fed announcement this afternoon.  

Weekly Department of Energy Report ​  June 20

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - This weekly Department of Energy brief features Crude Oil, Heating Oil and Gasoline tables on stocks, imports, demands and much more.

Weekly Natural Gas Report   June 13

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -  See what this week’s stats are for Natural Gas futures as reported by the Energy Information Agency.​ 

Is The Crude Collapse Over?  Nov 6
by Blake Robben - The world's most consumed commodity is down 18% in the last 23 trading days.


Morning Livestock Report  June 20
by Dennis Smith - Fall Army Worm is Marching in Asia

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Daily Financials Forecast  June 20
by Alan Bush -​​ ​Stock Index Futures Close to Record Highs

Hot Cocoa This Winter?
  Oct 3

by Blake Robben - Cocoa prices continued its eight and a half month decline pressured by bearish news from both the supply and demand sides of the market.  


Are Corn Prices Beginning to Boil?  Nov 6
by Chris Lehner - There is fuel that can and will be added to heat corn prices up, sooner or later.

Think Outside The Bin  Nov 10
by Tim Smith - The most straightforward re-ownership strategy is to simply sell cash grain and simultaneously buy futures.


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