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Technicals Point to Higher Prices for Corn, Soybeans & Wheat Futures  May 23
by Alan Bush - Two signs of technical strength in a short period of time suggests higher prices are likely for soybean futures.

Is Corn Beginning The Rally?   May 16
by Chris Lehner - Time will tell if the USDA is right with the claim corn from Ukraine and Russia will be strong competitors the second half of the year. 

Corn, Crop Progress and Technicals  May 9
by Blake Robben - Yield per acre will be critical this growing season.

Why Are Grains Moving Higher as The US Dollar Rallies?  May 2
by Chris Lehner -  Up to two or three years ago, grain traders closely watched the U.S. Dollar. 

Technical Aspects of Soybeans, Corn & Wheat  Apr 11
by Blake Robben - Grain fundamentalists are calculating variable yields with expected demand.

Soymeal Meal Testing Support and Likely to Hold  Jan 5
by Dennis Smith - Ending stock projections for both corn and soybeans are large and considered burdensome overall.

Think Outside The Bin  Nov 10
by Tim Smith - The most straightforward re-ownership strategy is to simply sell cash grain and simultaneously buy futures.


Daily Technical Trading Cards   May 23
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - Check out today’s support and resistance, moving averages and other pertinent numbers for the energy futures complexes featuring crude oil, natural gas and heating oil futures.

Will The Natural Gas Market Heat Up?  May 23
by Blake Robben - The key factors that may drive Natural Gas futures prices higher are threefold.

Record Gasoline Demand Expected  Mar 9
by Blake Robben - The EIA estimates that U.S. gasoline consumption could average 9.33 MMbpd and 9.40 MMbpd in 2018 .

Energies Brief  May 23
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -​ The petroleum complex traded mixed with pressure on values developing early in response to fears OPEC might increase output to cover shortfalls from Iran and Venezuela.

Weekly Department of Energy Report   May 16

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -  The weekly Department of Energy brief features Crude Oil, Heating Oil and Gasoline tables on stocks, imports, demands and much more.​

Weekly Natural Gas Report    May 17
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -  See what this week’s stats are for Natural Gas futures as reported by the Energy Information Agency.​ 


Livestock Report  May 22
by Dennis Smith -  Seasonal Low in Lean Hog Futures

Livestock Report  April 24

by Dennis Smith - Ten Deliveries Posted Against the Apr LC

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Financials Forecast Daily​​  ​  May 22
by Alan Bush - ​​​Record highs for Russell 2000 futures for the 5th consecutive day.

Everything Gets Back to Interest Rates, or is it Technicals?   May 16
by Blake Robben - How does the trader determine interest rate equilibrium.

Triangle Top or Continuation in the S&P 500  May 2
by Blake Robben - The symmetrical triangle is a coiling pattern that needs continual assessments.  

Long Term Technical Analysis of Coffee and Sugar  Apr 25
by Blake Robben - These commodities have been is massive downtrends due to record production.

Have Stock Index Futures Topped Due to Trade Tensions?  Apr 6
by Alan Bush - There have been a variety of geopolitical events that have temporarily interrupted the advance. 

Introducing the NYSE FANG + Index  Nov 3
by Blake Robben The term FANG was coined earlier this year after popular tech stocks Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The ICE Exchange has added Apple, Baidu, Alibaba, Twitter, Tesla and Nvidia to the Index.


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