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Are Corn Prices Beginning to Boil?  Nov 6
by Chris Lehner - There is fuel that can and will be added to heat corn prices up, sooner or later.

Will Corn and Soybeans Rally?  Oct 3
by Chris Lehner - Along with corn and soybean futures prices dropping, U.S. farmers have been hit extra hard with a wide cash to futures spread, the basis.

Slightly Lessened Global Trade Tensions to Support Grain Futures?  Aug 29
by Alan Bush -  Monday’s news of the U.S.-Mexico trade agreement that replaces NAFTA boosted confidence that a global trade war could be averted.

Key Technical Levels in Corn and Soybeans  July 18
by Blake Robben - Both corn and soybeans are pricing in record yields, but how long will this last? 

Soymeal Meal Testing Support and Likely to Hold  Jan 5
by Dennis Smith - Ending stock projections for both corn and soybeans are large and considered burdensome overall.

Think Outside The Bin  Nov 10
by Tim Smith - The most straightforward re-ownership strategy is to simply sell cash grain and simultaneously buy futures.


Daily Technical Trading Cards    Dec 18
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - Check out today’s support and resistance, moving averages and other pertinent numbers for the energy futures complexes featuring crude oil, natural gas and heating oil futures.

Is The Crude Collapse Over?  Nov 6
by Blake Robben - The world's most consumed commodity is down 18% in the last 23 trading days.

The Measured Move in Crude Oil  Sept 19
by Blake Robben -  The measured move pattern is a chart pattern that states that a market has the tendency to move in a similar price structure based on how it moved recently.

Will The Natural Gas Market Heat Up?  May 23
by Blake Robben - The key factors that may drive Natural Gas futures prices higher are threefold.

Energies Brief   Dec 17
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -​  The petroleum complex struggled to attract support as reports of a large build in Cushing inventories circulated.

Weekly Department of Energy Report    Dec 12

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -  This weekly Department of Energy brief features Crude Oil, Heating Oil and Gasoline tables on stocks, imports, demands and much more.

Weekly Natural Gas Report   Dec 13
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy -  See what this week’s stats are for Natural Gas futures as reported by the Energy Information Agency.​ 


Morning Livestock Report     Dec 11
by Dennis Smith - ​Active trade noted yesterday in Dec Hog calls.

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Daily Financials Forecast    Dec 18
by Alan Bush -​​ ​30yr. Treasury Bond Futures near three month highs.

Hot Cocoa This Winter?  Oct 3
by Blake Robben
- Cocoa prices continued its eight and a half month decline pressured by bearish news from both the supply and demand sides of the market.  

Will Silver Shine in 2019?  Sept 26
by Blake Robben - Silver is down 72% from its all-time high in 2011.

Stock Index Futures, Trade Wars & Interest Rates   Sept 5
by Blake Robben - Stock Index futures held up well during the current round of global trade problems.

Turnaround for Copper?  Aug 29
by Blake Robben - Trade tensions with China has caused massive selling in the copper market.

S&P 500 Breakout or Fake Out?  Aug 22
by Blake Robben - Don’t get sidetracked by placing too much emphasis on economic reports.

Is The Platinum Plunge Over?  Aug 15
by Blake Robben - Negative investor sentiment has pushed platinum prices to eight year lows.

Coffee Percolating Into a Bull Market  Aug 8
by Blake Robben - Coffee is one of the worst performing commodities of the year. 

Gold Bugs Getting Zapped  Aug 1
by Blake Robben - Gold is one of the worst performing commodities in 2018.

Have Stock Index Futures Topped Due to Trade Tensions?  Apr 6
by Alan Bush - There have been a variety of geopolitical events that have temporarily interrupted the advance. 

Introducing the NYSE FANG + Index  Nov 3
by Blake Robben The term FANG was coined earlier this year after popular tech stocks Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The ICE Exchange has added Apple, Baidu, Alibaba, Twitter, Tesla and Nvidia to the Index.

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