Global Equity Markets Rebound

by Archer Financial Services | Feb 12, 2018

By Alan Bush | Senior Financial Economist at ADMIS     


Global equity markets rebounded today extending Friday's late session recovery.

The White House will release the details of its long awaited infrastructure plan today, fulfilling a campaign promise of President Donald Trump. The proposal includes $200 billion in federal infrastructure spending over a decade. 

In spite of the recent correction, I am not seeing the beginning of any new long term bear market for stock index futures.



The U.S. dollar is lower as flight to quality longs are liquidated in light of higher stock index futures.

In the longer term, lower prices are likely for the greenback, as interest rate differential expectations are likely to undermine the U.S. dollar.

The euro currency is higher due to the belief that the European Central Bank will remove some of its accommodation later this year and may actually hike interest rates in the first quarter of 2019.

The main trend for the currency of the euro zone is higher.

The Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar, the “commodity currencies,” are stronger as a result of higher crude oil prices.



In the overnight trade the thirty year Treasury bond futures fell to the lowest levels since April 2015, although there has been some recovery.

Also, yields on 10 year Treasuries were at their highest level since January 2014.

The probability of a fed funds rate increase at the FOMC’s March 21 policy meeting is 75%, which is unchanged from Friday. 

The long term trend for futures is lower, especially for the thirty year Treasury bond futures.




March 18   S&P 500

Support    2618.00       Resistance    2659.00


March 18   U.S. Dollar Index

Support    89.840         Resistance    90.400


March 18   Euro Currency

Support    1.22550       Resistance    1.23360


March 18   Japanese Yen

Support    .92000         Resistance    .92450


March 18   Canadian Dollar

Support    .79310         Resistance    .79810


March 18  Australian Dollar

Support    .7803           Resistance    .7845


March 18   Thirty Year Treasury Bonds

Support    143^0          Resistance    144^20


April 18   Gold

Support    1314.0         Resistance    1333.0


March 18   Copper

Support    3.0400         Resistance    3.1000


March 18   Crude Oil

Support    59.03           Resistance    60.95


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